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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 94 16:27:12 EDT

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Robert Tollen 
 This is my idea of the universe and how we became and where we're going.
I've come to the realization that it'd be impossible for us to have evolved
by normal evolution. We had to have had a spark to ignite our level of
comprehension and intelligence. 

  The Bible, the Koran, and the Holy books of most of humanity describe God
or the Gods intermingling with prehistoric people and creating modern humans.
Looking to the Bible again, we see modern inventions bring described in
ancient terms. Every miracle described can be identified in modern terms.
Some examples are; 1. Joshua and the wall describes ultrasonic frequencies
that will shatter a wall. 2. Anyone directly touching the Ark would fall down
dead. The Bible clearly describes the carriers were protected, but only if
they kept the Ark on wooden poles separated from themselves. This
convincingly describes an electrically charged Ark. The wooden poles
protected by insulation. 3. In Genesis, when God creates Eve from Adams rib,
this describes an operation and the procedure clearly involves cloning from
bone marrow. 

 Our ability to understand in technological terms the miracles of the Bible
doesn't denigrate the Bible or religion, but gives us a greater appreciation
of life and the miracles of life and our history. 

 The human race is commended for carrying throughout all the generations the
true story without embellishment and without a comprehension of the true
processes involved. Only today with our knowledge of technology, are we able
to comprehend the events described in the Bible. Many have given thought to
these processes. It's said in the Bible that an eternity to people is but a
minute to God. Our scientific knowledge once again verifies this as fact. If
a space traveler was traveling at a speed approaching light, yes - a minute
to the traveler would be an eternity to those on earth. 

 When I first became aware of the magnitude of what I was understanding, it
came as a great comfort to start to comprehend the Bible. Understanding the
Bible in modern terms, and accepting all the miracles and events as exact
words of what happened has made me feel even closer to God.

 I experienced a near death event years ago when I was 25. The comfort and
peace given to me by that event tells me that death isn't to be feared but is
a natural evolution of the human spirit. By cryonics, the possibility to
forestall death and to achieve immortality creates within me the same awe and
respect for humanity.

 I've made arrangements for myself and my immediate family to be frozen by
cryonic suspension after clinical death until it's a real possibility to
revive us. Barring unforeseen circumstances such as dismemberment or death in
such a way as to preclude the possibility of reconstruction, I expect a full
revival sometime into the future. The concept of life after death and revival
isn't new. Only today with our advanced knowledge can we truly envision the
concept of revival after clinical death as a technological possibility.
Today, modern medicine can't revive everyone who's considered dead, but a
short while ago, if someone died on the sidewalk they were gone, and with
modern medicine there's now the chance of revival through CPR, electric
shock, immediate IV treatment, etc. The dead person of tomorrow will be
routinely saved after having been dead for a longer time.  The definition of
death will change once more.

 Not being able to foresee the inevitability of progress is being blind to
the achievements of humanity and to in effect say that since we've been dying
all along means we have to continue dying. The same could have been said
about flying. Because we've never been able to fly from the beginning of the
human race until the last century, doesn't preclude us from flying now. Look
at our progress. We've gone from the Wright Brothers to walking on the Moon
in under 100 years. Why is it impossible to consider the same or even greater
levels of achievement in future technology?

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