X-Message-Number: 2690
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 94 11:25:01 EDT
Subject: CRYONICS. SCI. more sheep

The Cryonics Institute sheep head experiments apparently now will be repeated
and extended by both the Ukrainian group and the Russian group. Alcor has
also expressed interest in repeating the work.

I don't think this is overkill,  because inevitably --no matter how carefully
we describe our procedures--there will be differences in the way it is done,
and perhaps also in the evaluation. (We all recall how the hundreds of
vitamin C experiments contradicted each other.) Because of the importance of
crack prevention, we need all the corroboration and insights we can get.

The main feature of our work, that might possibly explain the apparent  lack
of cracking, was the very slow cool down and warm up times. For humans, we
take a week to cool down to dry ice temperature, and another week to liquid
nitrogen temperature. For the sheep heads, we took 5 days to  dry ice and
another 5 days to liquid nitrogen, then another 10 days to warm back up to
room temperature. As previously noted, this resulted in no visible cracking
at the naked eye level, and good reperfusion with colored water and no
apparent leaks in the vasculature.


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