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Subject: storage media
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Date: 18 Apr 94 19:22:16 PST

I admit to being a newbie in this area, and my specialties are not related to 
cryogenics [allthough I do have an interest], but I recall reading on storage 
mediums such as vhs tape being inadequate.  I'm still curious as to why none 
of you suggested using CD storage technology?  Its not incredibly difficult, 
and can be set up for under $20,000.  The drawbacks would be that every 
400-500 years you would have to duplicate the CD at a cost of about $20 in 
time and materials.  I can store about 1 hr of video/audio on a CD, and the 
amount of data is HUGE.  IE medical records, scans, documents of the patient, 
etc.  Why is this not used?  Cost? 

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[ Perry Metzger's message #2654 briefly mentioned CD technology,
  but I don't believe that any of the other messages in that
  thread mentioned it.  Also, I just noticed that message #2654
  never made it to sci.cryonics, probably because the Subject
  line had "CRYONICS" but not "SCI.CRYONICS" in it. - KQB ]

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