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From:   (Sean Casey GSFC (301)286-4558)
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
Subject: thermal conductance
Date: 21 Apr 1994 08:24 EDT
Message-ID: <>

Does anyone have a good reference for the thermal conductance of greases,
adhesives, solder, and pressure joints as a function on temperature
(T = 100 -> 0.1 K)?


Sean Casey
NASA/GSFC  Code 685

[ I wasn't going to forward this to CryoNet, since it seemed more like a
  cryogenics questions than a cryonics question, but, then again, maybe
  someone here will have an answer for Mr. Casey.  FYI: The temperature
  of liquid nitrogen is about 77.36 K, which is in the range he is asking
  about. - KQB ]

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