X-Message-Number: 271
Date: 12 Jan 91 23:12:13 EST
From: "Allen J. Lopp" <>
To: <>
Message-Id: <"910113041212 73750.670 EHA57-1"@CompuServe.COM>

Dear Kevin,

I looked over your cryonics organizations list. Yes, I agree with Art Quaife
that Trans Time should be listed separately, and I think Cryovita should be
listed separately as well. Cryovita has the same address as Alcor but a
different phone #: (714) 734-0139 (I think!)

Several points, since you include CEL in your list:

1) The correct street number is 9144, not 9149. The Alcor brochure card that
   says 9149 is a typo.

2) The CEL address is a mail & message service. I just learned that they are
   going out of business at that address, so CEL gets to find a new address.
   I don't know what the new address will be, but I will have to arrange 
   something by January 31---and I'll upload it to you as soon as it is 

3) Especially because of 2) above, please include my phone number
   (213) 926-5470 and my CompuServe ID 73750,670 in the CEL listing.
   Please identify Allen J. Lopp as the "Contact person".

Also, the latest on FOCS is that no one was willing to take over the 
incorporation efforts from the Chamberlains, so the entire organization is
scrapped. I know this for a fact because Linda C. returned the $50 that CEL
gave to be an initial co-founder. The cryonics community is close to having 
as many organizations as they have members, and we can expect some of these
efforts to fall through from time to time.

Thanks again for helping to get me oriented to CompuServe Email. By the way,
I am still looking for Ralph Merkle's CompuServe ID (he's not in the 
membership directory), so if you have it and Ralph would approve of you
giving it out please send it to me, or send him a message asking him to send 
it to me. In the same way, if you have an appropriate way for me to get ID's
for any of the principals in ACS I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Best wishes until later.............Allen J. Lopp

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