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Subject: Life Extension Conference (Nov 5 Atlanta)
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 18:34:46 -0700
From: Immortality Institute <>


Dear ,

Less than one week to go, if you haven't yet, there's still time to register.

Three film crews and more than 125 people will attend. 

Hosted at Georgia Tech's modern Conference Center in downtown Atlanta, GA, the 
Immortality Institute's inaugural one-day Life Extension Conference will be held
on Sat. Nov. 5, 2005.

With a focus on anti-aging, artificial intelligence, cryobiology and 
brain-computer interfacing, speakers will address the question:

--What technologies can protect and enhance the human brain for extreme life 

Growing to more than 2,500 members worldwide, the non-profit, Immortality 
Institute, was founded in 2002 with the mission to overcome the "blight of 
involuntary death." The Institute's first book published in 2004, The Scientific
Conquest of Death, includes essays from leading scientists Dr. Ray Kurzweil, 
Dr. Marvin Minsky and Dr. Michael West.

During the conference, the Institute's film, Exploring Life Extension, will have
its first screening.


  Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A. - Conscious Computers & Legal Right
  James J. Hughes, Ph.D. - Neurological Remediation
  Brad F. Mellon, Ph.D. - Ethical and Theological Considerations
  Sonia Arrison - Technology Studies
  Natasha Vita-More BFA, MA, - Design for Change
  Peter A. Passaro - Brain-computer Interfacing
  Eliezer Yudkowsky - Artificial Intelligence
  Ben Goertzel, Ph.D. - Immortalizing Brains
  Max More, Ph.D. - Diachronous Self
  Ralph C. Merkle, Ph.D. - Cryonics
  Brian Wowk, Ph.D. - Suspended Animation by Vitrification
  Ben Best - Cryopreserving the Brain
  Rudi Hoffman, CFP - Cryonics Affordability
  Michael R. Rose, Ph.D. - Biological Immortality
  Peter Haughton - Artificial Heart
  Christopher B. Heward, Ph.D. - Optimal Health Medicine

  Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, Ph.D.   Anti-aging Science, Cambridge University 
  researcher presents the  Seven Deadly Sins  of aging.


  Gold :: Brian Cartmell - CEO & Pres Cartmell Holdings LLC
  Silver :: Gary C. Hudson, CEO, HMX Inc.
  Bronze :: Canaca.com, Web Hosting


Georgia Tech's Hotel & Conference Center
800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA, 30308
1 (404) 347-9440


Saturday, November 5, 2005, 7:30 AM   8:00 PM


Use code 88LEF to secure the following discount conference rates:
(ImmInst Member rates are even lower)

$210 Employed
$155 Unemployed
$45 Student

REGISTER ON-LINE: http://www.imminst.org/conference/#reg
(Limited to 400)

Or send your check payable to the  Immortality Institute 
(Include your discount code 88LEF) to:

Immortality Institute
5801 Nicholson Ln #909
N Bethesda, MD 20852

See you in Atlanta!

Bruce J. Klein - 
ImmInst Conference Chair

PS: The day after the conference (Sun Nov 6 at 10 AM), all conference
participants are welcome to meet at the spacious CNN Center to talk,
eat lunch and/or take the 50 min. CNN Studio Tour ($10).

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