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Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 07:38:25 EST
Subject: Atlanta Conference Promo part deaux

Hello, Cryoneters,
The Atlanta Imminst Conference will be an historical event.  If you to  the 

year 3000 this will be an event you will want to remember.  Please try  to make
it if you can.
I have been privately emailed and called by several of my friends and  

clients who indicated my posting some weeks back was influential in their  
to go to this conference.  
I think it was the reference to "better than sex and recreational drugs"  
that did it, but I could be wrong. LOL!
Please don't feel guilty if you can't make this particular  conference.  (I 
don't know if anyone else does this...but I am sometimes  sad I can't make 
every nanotech, foresight, life extension, libertarian, free  thought 
conference...and the reality is you just can't go to 'em all.)  
Anyway, I just wanted to add my promo to that of Bruce, and let you know I  
look forward to seeing at least some of you in person in Atlanta this  weekend.
Kind Regards,
Rudi Hoffman

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