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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: landmark gift to the Methusala Mouse Prize
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 10:47:36 -0000

The fact that there has been much enthusiasm for the Methusala Mouse project
should not be seen as an opportunity for all and sundry to start trying to
collect money for their own ideas. The people running the Methusala Mouse
project have credentials, and they and their project are well thought of
amongst cryonics and life extension supporters.


I would urge everyone who is

1. approached to give money for other projects

2. or to allow their name to be used on a board of directors, advisors or

to email the help section of their cryonics organisation or life extension
group to see if the proposed project is known or not. Just entering the name
of the project or organisation into Google may not help unless you are
diligent -- often bogus projects are well spammed on the web as well as by
emails, and finding out the truth may not be that easy. Both Alcor and CI
have members' forums - if you are a member of either you should join the
relevant forum, mailing list, or group and can discuss any proposed project
there. Similarly, the Life Extension Foundation and similar groups usually
have forums or help email addresses.

Boards of directors and advisors should be composed of people actively
directing and advising. If you are told that "to be on our list won't
involve you in any work" beware - they just want your name to add credulity.
If you are asked to be on a board of directors, at least ensure that the
organisation has insurance against director liability - you could be
entering into a partnership that makes you legally liable for what the
others may do, such as borrowing money.

Even if every single idea did have merit, there is also the problem of
dilution. Each one that starts means that others get fewer gifts.

I would say this to any budding cryonics entrepreneur. Rather than start
your own project, it would often be better to propose the idea to the
cryonics or life extension group you support. Be patient - it may take a
while for the group as a whole to take it up. If you can at the same time
say something like "I think X would be a good idea, here is a substantial
sum of money I would be willing to give you if you take it up" and/or "I am
highly qualified in <name of relevant discipline> and I am willing to work
for free on this idea if you take it up within your organisation" then
obviously they will take your idea more seriously. If you have no money and
no skills you idea may still have merit. But it should be up to someone else
within the cryonics or life extension group who is qualified to put their
name to it and start it up. But if you genuinely want to benefit the
movement rather than yourself, then the fact that your name is only known to
a few as the introducer of the idea should not matter.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz:  http://John.deRivaz.com for websites including
Cryonics Europe, Longevity Report, The Venturists, Porthtowan, Alec Harley
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