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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 20:00:06 -0800 (PST)
From: John Despres <>
Subject: Message from the STOP DESPRES Committee 


   Message from the STOP DESPRES Committee 
  (Formally, "The Ad Hoc Committee to Protect Cryonics from Jonathan Despres")

Numerous messages have been posted on CryoNet warning that Jonathan Despres 
could lead 
to the discrediting of cryonics and the death of cryonics patients

Despres has contacted the most influential people in cryonics and life extension

duped many of them into being on the Board of Advisors or Directors of his bogus

NanoAging Institute. He solicits money for dubious schemes which he would be 

to execute even if he were an honest man, which he is not. He discredits 
cryonics to

influential non-cryonicists who might otherwise take us seriously. He has risked

lives and money by offering cryonics services which he is totally incapable of 
According to his own report, Despres has already offered cryonics services with
the result that the son of a woman seeking those services ended up cremating
his mother rather than cryopreserving her because of Jonathan's incompetence

Although his current "service" is temporarily not functional (we worry about the

criterion for activation), it seems worrisomely close to reactivation (Despres 
twice before offered cryonics service with little concern about readiness). 
  Jonathan has "reformed" repeatedly, but has repeatedly reverted to the same 

patterns of misrepresentation with only a short period of delay. We believe that

COld Cutter is mistaken in calling Despres a Liar in cases where he is simply 
delusionary temper tantrums


Jon vehemently denies current culpability. In response to every presentation to 
Jonathan of 

evidence of his wrongdoing, he issues a fierce denial, an assertion without 


  We believe that Jonathan is sincere in his denials, and that this is further 

of his disconnection from reality.  In light of the evidence that Jonathan is 

being treated for a psychiatric condition, we find it particularly worrisome 
that he has 
attempted to illegally obtain a gun on the internet. 


    Given his hostile outbursts against many people in the cryonics community, 
    we are concerned about the use to which Despres may have wanted to put this 

     We believe that Jonathan is sincere in his commitment to cryonics, although
     his repeated

claims that it will make him a billionaire makes us question his motives. We are
of the opinion that Jonathan does not believe that his schemes are fraudulent 
or that they misrepresent his capabilities. But we believe that his sincerity is
a manifestation of criminal insanity. Although we can sympathize with the 
delusionary state and lack of real responsibility of an insane person, we feel 
that our first concern should be the safety of those endangered by the 

   We believe that it is a grave mistake to believe that Jonathan Despres can be
   or should be

ignored. We believe that he will not go away and constitutes a real danger to 

  What can you do against this hazard? First, DO NO serve on his so-called 
  Boards of Directors or Advisors. Warn others not to serve. If you know of 
  anyone who is currently on these Boards, please contact those people and urge 
  them not to be on the Boards.

Second, use whatever influence you can to have Despres banned from forums. Do 

grant him interviews and encourage others not to grant him interviews. If 
request that those who have been interviewed have the interviews withdrawn. 

Third and MOST IMPORTANT, do what you can do nullify the influence of his 
website. Kinkos and other outlets currently block access to NanoAging.com 
website and such blockage should be increased. If possible it would be good to 
influence on ISPs not to host the NanoAging.com 
website. Suggestions along this line have already been made.


  We agree with Cold Cutter that because Jonathan Despres is criminally insane, 
  that it makes
no sense to persecute him. This only inspires sympathy from bystanders, such 

as the response of Charles Platt who characterizes Despres as a "scapegoat". 
("Find a whipping boy who is marginally less defensible, and pick on him.")  
Cycles of accusations

and denials with Despres accomplish nothing, and show a lack of understanding 
that Jonathan is profoundly mentally disturbed and not capable of reasoning. 
Despres is apparently already

getting psychiatric help and psychiatric medication, but this has been of little
benefit to

cryonics. The first priority should be to protect the cryonics community, not to
someone with a mental handicap. Please assist us in this effort. 
The life you save may be your own!

        The Ad Hoc Committee to Protect Cryonics from Jonathan Despres

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