X-Message-Number: 27344
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 02:42:38 -0500
From: Jonathan Despres <>
Subject: Re: Molecular repair technology is essential [benbest]

It is essential when you have whole body preservation, but yes we will
need molecular manufacturing for your company.

It might be not the case for my cryonics company because we will
better protect the brain.

Here is the reasons why a neuro is better than whole body:

1. The brain is better protected.
2. This is less expensive.
3. Replacing is easier than repairing.

Such reasons show that tissue regeneration technology, stem cells, or
organ growth will be more needed than Molecular Nanotechnology with neuro.

There are 2 strategy here. Which one is easier? I think neuro is the
best option.

When molecular nanotechnology or tissue regeneration will be
available? I dont know.

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