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From: "Trudy Pizer" <>
Subject: Advancing cryonics
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:21:25 -0800

here is something I just found out and wanted to share with the cryonics 
community:  Cryonics member, Harry Braun, now has a radio talk show on station 
KOKC  which is 1520AM.  His show is on from 1-2 AM  MST.  It is on 5 nights a 
week.  (Get more info off his website listed below)..  It is brodcast from 
Oklahoma City.   Harry does topics on making America energy independent and 
other similar issues like making the shift from fossel fuels to solar hydrogen.
He also does some of his shows on life extension and will include cryonics.

The station can be heard in some areas of 28 states.  It has a potential of 28 
million listeners in the areas it goes out to.

Harry is looking for cryonicists who would agree to be interviewed about their 
cryonics views and other matters.  I you are willing to be interviewed (he does 
it by telephone) please contact Harry at  his email address  

His website is  HarryBraunShow.com.

 Also see if you live in an area where you can receive the signal.  KOKC is the 
 sister station of KOMA the station a lot of us grew up listening to in the 50s 
 and 60s.   

Another way to make the show available to people who live outside the radio 
broadcast areas that  Harry is working on is someting I don't understand a lot 
about, I think it is called "streaming" or something like that.  That is where 
Harry will also be able to make the shows available to people anywhere who want 
to access it with their computer.  Contact him for more info on that.

I hope this can be used to get more info about cryonics out to the general 

David Pizer

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