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Subject: [extropy-chat] Gregory's Passing (Hara Ra)
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Greetings Natasha and Max Moore and all Extropians,

I've just now been able to get into Gregory's computer and discovered to my 
disappointment that no announcement about Gregory's passing has appeared on 
your list.

On October 13th at 9 minutes to midnight, in a hospice 2 minutes away from 
Alcor in Scottsdale, Arizona, Gregory released his last breath. Alcor 
personnel was instantly present to give him the necessary medications, we 
all transferred him into the icebath standing by his bedside, the thumper 
was started to circulate the meds and an icebag was unceremoniously tossed 
on his beautiful face. Then they ran out with him to the awaiting truck, 
where procedures continued and onto Alcor itself. His was the best 
suspension ever performed, partly because of the latest cryopreservation 
chemistry and last but not least because I had airlifted him from his 
deathbed in the ICU of Dominican Hospital to Scottsdale Arizona, so he was 
able to die on location! This success has given me great spiritual and 
emotional relief. I managed to get him what he wanted more than anything: A 
chance at another life in the future when they may be able to restore his 
brain and he might have a chance of experiencing the fulness of what it 
means to be human and explore the possibilities of being transhuman as well.

In my experience, he is already traveling the stars! After his considerable 
energy was released from his body, he has come closer to me than was ever 
remotely possible during our life together.

I grieve to never - in this lifetime - behold his dear face again or wrap 
myself around the goodness of his generous belly, or listen to his 
quickwitted mind and let myself be steeped and nurtured in the wisdom of 
his council. He was my true zen master.

As some of you may have noticed, his social behavior of avoidance or 
dominance and his short fuses were easily displayed. If you carry any 
resentment or have left over negative feelings about him, I invite you to 
light a candle or a fire and really get into your hurt and/or angry 
feelings and generously let it all go up into flames. We don't need any 
unnecessary conflicts and disagreeable feelings amongst one another anymore.

He is completely dedicated to the awakening of the individual out of the 
trance of socialization, whichever trance that happens to be. 'Examine 
thyself' and 'Know thy desire', would be the two most important councils he 
has left us with. And then Accept. What is true right now. Be that. In the 
now, we find ourselves and each other. No difference. Just all of us 
wearing so many cloaks of different colors. Each of our unique neuroses 
variations on a theme, which is essentially the same for all of us. The 
loss of innocence and the loss of trust. We are, most of us, individually 
and collectively lost at least to some essential degree, however well hidden.

It was always such a delight when some bright spirit, whatever age or 
gender, caught on to the brightness of his being. Once you knew him and got 
him and your ego wasn't afraid of him, amazing conversations could be had. 
Sparks would fly. Insights in the human condition or in some scientific 
problem would be tossed about like flying darts, for whoever was fast 
enough to catch them. After one of his speedy quipps, he would look at you 
to see if you got it, like a little kid: "Did you get it? Isn't it funny?" 
His innocence!

I adore him with all of my being, into forever, into and through some very 
cold temperatures, upwards and forwards into the future, for better or for 
worse. We're in this forever, to the best of our ability.

One of his (and mine) major motives to come into the future is to make sure 
humanity never loses the awareness of WWII. We must eradicate fascism (e.i. 
power over others in some and submission by the many).  Within two 
generations we can be rid of most ills that have bedeaveled humanity since 
the beginnings of murder and mayhem because of some real or perceived 
scarcity or worse, because of some right the mighty believe they have over 
others, whether they be religious, political or business world leaders 
(=top dogs).

In his mind and mine, the struggle for survival can become obsolete. We 
still have plenty of resources. We begin by making sure that humans only 
beget the children they really want, can house and feed and educate. 
Imagine every child growing up according to his/her own innate curiosity, 
being lovingly and respectfully treated like a real human being and not as 
'just a kid'. They will be informed of everything which is happening about 
them in language of kindness they can understand. They shall not be 
alienated from themselves and each other. When we learn to live like 
family, all of us, we will undoubtedly set our hearts and minds to the task 
of healing the human family and its precious habitat. Especially now, since 
we are in such a precarious state of balance. I believe we can still turn 
it around before 2012. But the time is definitely now.

I will be glad to receive any writings, musings, reflections on him. Please 
email me at , or here to Gregory's email (how 
about cc to both, thanks) and I will be glad to put together a memorial 
website with photographs, his artwork and other creations. I am also 
planning to create an article for the next publication of Cryonics 
magazine. Deadline for same is the end of this month! Please email me under 
subject: Gregory's Memorial.

    Andrea van de Loo
    (831) 458-2925


=    Gregory Herald Coresun     =
=           - was -             =
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