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Subject: David Pizer on "The Harry Braun Show"
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:22:34 -0700

The Harry Braun Radio Talk Show


On KOKC Radio 1520 am

12:00 am (Midnight) Mountain Standard Time (MST)



David Pizer, a long time member of the ALCOR Life Extension Foundation, will be 
a guest on "The Harry Braun Talk Radio Show"  on Friday Morning (Thursday 
evening at 11:00 pm on the West Coast or 1:00 am CST).  David will be talking 
about Cryonics, which involves freezing people after they die in order to 
preserve their molecules of memory.  Harry Braun and his wife, Lucille, are also
long time members of ALCOR.  David Pizer and Harry Braun will be taking call-in
questions and/or comments at 1-877-487-1159 or email your questions and/or 
comments to 


Harry Braun is the Executive Producer and show host and he will be broadcasting 
the show from his studio in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is a technical analyst, 
author, and one of the objectives of his radio talk show is to make his 
listeners aware that because of the "exponential age" in which we live, we are 
rapidly approaching a biological utopia of molecular medicine and designer 
genes, or an ecological oblivion where the global food production systems fail 
due to climate change that results from our use of fossil fuels, and the 
destruction of the global ecosystems that make Spaceship Earth habitable.  


Harry's PhoenixProjectFoundation.US plan will make the USA energy independent of
not just imported oil, but all fossil and nuclear fuels by 2020.  This 
"transition of substance" can be accomplished by mass-producing wind and other 
solar-powered hydrogen production systems and modifying every existing vehicle 
to use hydrogen as well as gasoline with the flip of a switch.  Hydrogen is the 
only inexhaustible, pollution-free "universal fuel" that can power everything 
from spacecraft to a Coleman stove operating on a mountain top.  If you click on
the Hydrogen Home image on the HarryBraunShow.com website, you will see how all
of the vehicles and appliances in the home have been modified to use hydrogen 


The other primary show objective is to organize a Constitutional Convention in 
Washington DC in 2006 to pass the Ten Amendments that are proposed on the 
PhoenixProjectPac.US website.  Given the unique nature of the show, it is 
expected that it will soon be featured on CNN and other national network news 
broadcasts, and because all of the programs will be archived on our website, 
listeners will be able to access past programs at their convenience.  


If you are not in the KOKC 1520AM signal area, the show will be archived on 
http://www.HarryBraunShow.com where you can listen to the program at your 
convenience.  For more information, please call 602-977-0888.



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