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From: "Cryonics Society" <>
Subject: Pro-Cryonics Article In Mensa Bulletin
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 02:48:57 -0500

A two-page feature article on cryonics, supplied by the Cryonics Society, is
currently appearing in the November/December 2005 issue of Mensa Bulletin,
the magazine of American Mensa. Mensa is the high-IQ society whose members
qualify by scoring in the top 2% on accredited intelligence tests. 

The article mentions the prominent part Mensans have played in the founding
and development of cryonics, and also mentions Mensans such as Ben Best of
the Cryonics Institute and Mike Perry of Alcor, who are currently playing
active roles in the effort to extend human life and scientific knowledge by
supporting cryonics.  

Interested cryonicists who would like to read the article online may view it
at www.CryonicsSociety.org/mensaarticle.html or via the Cryonics Society
news page at www.CryonicsSociety.org/futurenews. 

Over 50,000 members of American Mensa receive Mensa Bulletin.  It's hoped
that the article will gain renewed interest in cryonics by Mensa members,
whose organization has given cryonics some of its most significant
advocates, supporters and leaders.

- David Pascal

The Cryonics Society  |  www.CryonicsSociety.org 

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