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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 17:54:23 EST
Subject: Great Article, David P and Nick P!

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Pro-Cryonics Article In Mensa Bulletin [Cryonics  Society

I wanted to commend the Cryonics Society on a VERY positive article to be  
published in the Mensa Bulletin.
Great article, and a good demographic to publish and inform about what a  
reasonable option cryonics is.  
My only suggestion is that a bit more about the affordability through life  
insurance may have been helpful. 

But, if it sends people to websites for research, they will find this  out 
We should be adding even more Mensans to our small but swelling  ranks!  
Thanks again for your visionary and appreciated  leadership. 

For Centuries,

Rudi Hoffman

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