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From: "Jordan Sparks" <>
Subject: Thumper $8,500. Buy now.
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 08:00:34 -0800

Michigan Instruments finally (after over a month) got a quote for me.  A
modified Thumper is $8,500, but only if I order 3.  A good portion of their
cost is in setting up the tooling for a small run.  So... anybody else ready
to purchase a modified Thumper?  Suspended Animation _might_ want one or
two.  And of course, MI is certainly willing to make more than 3.  So I have
to drum up some business for them.  NOW is the time if your local group
wants one.  I feel that this Thumper hooked to an ice bath/cart is by far
the most important piece of equipment that any local group should have.  You
just can't do CPR on someone in icewater for 2 hours without a mechanical
device like this.  Serious inquiries (as in cash up front) can call me at
503-363-5432 or toll free 877-686-1248 or cell 503-910-0557.
Jordan Sparks

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