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From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Fwd: breakthrough lifesaving medical technology: "E.K.Guard"
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 02:24:50 -0800

Got this from a friend today -- it could be useful to us
in the future.  Unfortunately it's "currently only available
in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but the company
says it intends to roll out a nationwide U.S. service and
possibly expand overseas".

Live long and prosper,

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> http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/11/17/heart.monitor/index.html
> The company's Web site is http://www.ekguard.com/
> The company has implemented a two part system for getting EKGs into  
> the hands of a cardiologist REMOTELY without any help from  
> professionals, etc.  Part one is a call center with cardiac nurses  
> who answer the phone and duty cardiologists who are prepared to  
> analyze EKGs, call doctors and hospitals and paramedics, review  
> medical records, etc. at the drop of a hat.  Part two is a small,  
> portable EKG lead unit (could fit in a purse, about the size of a  
> small stun gun) that attaches TO YOURSELF (or a loved one) and  
> takes a sample EKG in three minutes, then transmits this EKG over  
> any open audio phone line using a series of rapid tones.
> Also, I found an interesting Web site on an alternative to CPR  
> which uses alternating compressions to the chest and abdomen (hand  
> position just above the belly button) and apparently delivers more  
> circulation in patients.  Not really advisable for use until (or  
> if) new CPR guidelines come out, but it occurs to me that this  
> might be useful for Alcor's cryonics needs?  If I remember  
> correctly, perfusion is a critical variable in cryogenic fluid  
> transfer .. .
> ...

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