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                      Alcor News Bulletin
                  Number 45: November 22, 2005


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                       Authors This Issue:

  Jennifer Chapman [JC], Diane Cremeens [DC], Tanya Jones
  [TJ], Steve Van Sickle [SVS], Website Working Group [WWG].


  In this issue:

  *   $100,000 Matching Grant for Whole Body
         Vitrification Research
  *   Cryopreservation Cases
  *   Financial Matters
  *   New Whole Body Cryopreservation Procedure
  *   Alcor Performs In-house Sterilization
  *   Dozens of Scientists Go Public with Support for
  *   Alcor Contributes to Methuselah Foundation
  *   Cryonics Discussed in Major Medical Journal
  *   Media This Month
  *   CryoFeasts Continue
  *   Membership Statistics
  *   Alcor United
  *   Construction Update
  *   Employment Opportunities
  *   Next Board Meeting


                $100,000 Matching Grant for
              Whole Body Vitrification Research

  A better cryopreservation can be yours. That's why our
  staff, including senior research scientist Sergey Sheleg,
  MD, PhD, is actively working to cryopreserve your intact
  body and brain as perfectly as possible.

  Progress is already underway. Alcor recently upgraded its
  whole body cryopreservation procedure by switching to M22,
  an advanced cryoprotectant capable of vitrifying the brain
  for whole-body members, but parts of the body are still not
  fully vitrified. We need your help to reach the next level.

  We need the help of every one of our members now to achieve
  whole-body vitrification. Until January 31, 2006, every
  dollar donated will be matched up to $100,000 by a generous
  donation from Bina & Martine Rothblatt, Alcor members
  dedicated to rapidly advancing this technology.

  Call now to make your pledge: 877-462-5267 ext. 101

  Or print and fax your pledge form to: 480-922-9027

  Pledge forms are available at this link:

  When sending donations by mail, include this pledge form or
  simply write "Matching Grant Donation" in the memo field of
  your check:

  Alcor Foundation
  7895 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 110
  Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  Attention: Fundraising Dept.


                     Cryopreservation Cases

  During the past month, we performed one standby in northern
  California and two cryopreservation procedures. The standby
  was launched for member A-1598, who collapsed in his
  northern California home and fell into a coma. We deployed
  a full transport team, but after several days some of the
  team was called away by an emergency call for member A-1398
  who was admitted to a hospital in New Orleans. Both
  cryopreservations were performed within 48 hours of one
  another. Full details will be in an upcoming issue of
  Cryonics magazine. [TJ]


                        Financial Matters

  Recent problems regarding reconciliation of the Patient
  Care Trust (PCT) and Comprehensive Member Standby Program
  (CMS) are largely resolved. The PCT has been paid
  everything owed it with the exception of one $10,000
  payment and the recent case for which we are currently
  awaiting insurance payment (as is normal procedure). The
  CMS fund still has an outstanding amount owed it, but this
  should be more than balanced by two uncharged standbys.
  We're still awaiting payment from the PCT for outstanding
  construction invoices, which will allow us to continue
  addressing accounts payable. The chart of accounts has been
  reconfigured to allow easier internal billing of cases, and
  a collections process is underway for those who are over 60
  days past delinquent on membership dues, CMS, and
  subscription payments. Aleetha Castro has the left the
  organization and Alcor is seeking a replacement. We wish
  Aleetha the best in her future endeavors. Questions about
  billing can be sent to  [SVS]


          New Whole Body Cryopreservation Procedure

  Alcor has upgraded its whole body cryopreservation
  procedure for all members currently signed up as whole
  body, as well as for those whole body members who have
  executed an open option contract. Further information and
  micrographs explaining the switch to M22 technology for all
  Alcor cases can be found on our website at:



            Alcor Performs In-house Sterilization

  We've purchased an ethylene oxide sterilizer and installed
  both it and the vent line needed for safe operation. This
  will enable us to restock our surgical supplies faster
  after cryopreservation cases. [TJ]


    Dozens of Scientists Go Public with Support for Cryonics

  At the Life Extension Extension Conference in Atlanta,
  Georgia, on Nov. 5, the Immortality Institute unveiled an
  Open Letter signed by 56 scientists, physicians, and
  ethicists endorsing the scientific basis of cryonics. The
  letter is online at:


  Anyone with a PhD, especially in biology, or MD degree with
  a background in research, who would like to support this
  letter is asked to contact 


          Alcor Contributes to Methuselah Foundation

  Alcor committed to a $2,000 contribution to the Methuselah
  Mouse Prize. This is a very worthy program, generating
  interest in aging research, promoting it through a prize
  program, and directly funding research programs. More
  information can be found at:



         Cryonics Discussed in Major Medical Journal

  The current issue of Critical Care, a peer-reviewed journal
  read by 15,000 critical care medicine specialists
  worldwide, contains an article by four ethicists and
  medical specialists on a relatively new form of organ
  donation called Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD). One of
  the authors of the article, entitled "Pro/con ethics
  debate: When is dead really dead?" is former Alcor
  President and cryonics research legend, Mike Darwin. In his
  contribution, Darwin cites Ralph Merkle's "information
  theoretic criterion" for death, and states flat-out that
  almost no patients declared dead today "are in fact truly
  dead by any rigorous scientific criteria." He goes on to
  state that recent advances in organ and brain
  cryopreservation even suggest that it might be possible for
  patients declared dead by DCD criteria to be saved by
  prompt cryopreservation (i.e. cryonics). For better or
  worse, DCD is forcing ethicists to acknowledge what
  cryonicists have asserted for decades: There is a
  difference between legal and biological death. Further
  discussion and a link to the article can be found at



                        Media This Month

  An estimated 25,944 distinct computers visited Alcor's
  website in October. Media participation this month

  - Zig Zag Productions: Alcor hosted a visit from the
  producers of this documentary with assistance from Deb
  Johnson of WalshCOMM. The crew plans to film at Alcor early
  next year.

  - Origins of Timeship: Alcor gave permission for several of
  its photos to be included in Stephen Valentine's book about
  Timeship. The book describes the Timeship project and
  touches on how life extension/cryonics evolved over time.
  It is scheduled for release in early 2006.

  - Crime Scene Investigation, New York: Tanya Jones fielded
  a call from a CSI researcher who wanted to understand the
  cryonics process for an upcoming episode. We asked him to
  keep us informed of if/when the episode will air. [JC/WWG]


                      CryoFeasts Continue

  The Texas CryoFeast (Austin) was held on 11/12 and the
  Canada CryoFeast (Toronto, Ontario) will be held on 12/04.
  Alcor will not be attending these events but is helping
  announce them and providing free giveaways for the guests.
  Alcor is also planning an Arizona CryoFeast in Scottsdale
  for early December. [JC]


                     Membership Statistics

  Approvals:  11
  Members:   780
  Applicants: 63

  On October 31, 2005, Alcor had 780 members on its Emergency
  Responsibility List. Eleven memberships were approved
  during this month, one membership was reinstated, three
  memberships were cancelled and two members were
  cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of seven
  members this month. We have an average net gain of 6.7
  members per month in 2005, which compares favorably to the
  average net gain of 4.3 members per month last year. At the
  end of this month, Alcor had 63 applicants for membership,
  a net loss of 5 applicants.

  Alcor distributed 152 information packs this month. Our
  average for 2005 has grown to 119 per month, compared to 50
  in 2004. There were 784 subscribers to Alcor News as of the
  last issue. [DC]


                         Alcor United

  Alcor members have a new forum where they can meet and chat
  with other members. Get to know other cryonics supporters
  in your area by visiting Alcor United:



                      Construction Update

  We are creating the final punch list for the construction
  project, with mostly minor details remaining. Details were
  missed in the construction contract, like the addition of
  data and phone lines in the various spaces, but this work
  is sufficiently minor that it will not impact the end-of-
  month deadline. Also, the bulk liquid nitrogen tank has
  been ordered for delivery. [TJ]


                   Employment Opportunities

  Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have
  immediate needs for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical
  Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to
  join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation would be
  on a contractual basis.

  You'll be given cryonics training that will enable you to
  participate in our patient rescue and transport cases.
  Licensed professionals do not have to be Alcor members to
  work with us. We welcome your expertise and interest. If
  you're interested, send your resume to:



                       Next Board Meeting

  The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December
  3, 2005, at 11:00 AM (MST).

  Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of
  the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in
  Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to


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