X-Message-Number: 27390
From: "T.Theodorus Ibrahim" <>
Subject: RE: Alcor News #45 22 Nov 2005 "Scientists Go Public.."
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 10:11:47 -0000

It was extremely pleasing to see the item "Dozens of Scientists Go
Public with Support for Cryonics" in the latest issue of Alcor News (#45
22 Nov 2005).

But it was disappointing to see who comprised this list. Not because who
was named (they are all excellent people) but because there was barely
an unfamiliar name to be seen. A true measure of our success in
establishing the critical support needed to ensure the survival and
effectiveness of bio-stasis technology here would be the number of
unfamiliar mainstream scientists in any one such list. 

So whilst it is a morale booster to see this roll, lets not any of us
relax. The stalwarts named are heroes. But the list needs to be larger
and have other names in it. 

Most of the people listed currently are also those best positioned to
expand it. 

To support them in this endeavour all of us should go public in our
support of cryonics / bio-stasis as well.


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