X-Message-Number: 274
Date: 22 Jan 91 16:00:14 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
To: ">INTERNET:" <>
Subject: cryonics #273 - Alcor Update + New Year Suspension
Message-Id: <"910122210014 71750.2413 EHE54-3"@CompuServe.COM>

To Steve Bridge (hi Steve!) and all:

  Alcor's Portal account is working perfectly.  I'm the administrator
pro tem, and hope to be able to shove that duty off on Ralph Whelan
tomorrow, after I teach him how to call up Portal, read mail, and
  We've all simply been very busy.  I live 90 miles from Alcor, and
have been intermittently HANDCARRYING diskettes with capture files of
my Portal sessions... *Whew!*  That'll be a thing of the past
tomorrow, since Hugh Hixon and Ralph Whelan will be taking that off my
  Don't hold off sending email to Alcor, for fear of a dead or dormant

  Long life,

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