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From: "Trudy Pizer" <>
Subject: response
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 08:14:59 -0800

Response to worried people like Basie.
From David Pizer

Basie said:  "It is my view leaving a large sum of assets to oneself invites 
trouble. All 
a disgruntled relative has to do is to destroy the frozen patient (including 
some other suspended patients in the process) in order to convince courts to 
let him\her have the assets. I think it is better to hide gold coins in a 
national park"


My response is that there are ways to protect oneself in their trust.  For 
instance you can put clauses that say to the effect that if a relative 
cooperates he/she will get some of the money, but if they oppose your efforts 
they will get nothing.

You can put a clause that says if the trust is broken NO  person gets the money 
and it ALL goes to some charity.  (Pick one your untrustworthy relative hates).

Trusts are different than wills.  Leaving your money in  a will is risky because
wills have to go through probate and they can be challanged.  Trusts suffer no 
such problem.  The relative, if not named in the trust, may not even know about 
it, and even if he/she does, the relative not mentioned has no standing.

On the other hand, Basie is correct that relatives can be one's worst problem 
when trying to take it with you.  This is because the courts assumes they shoud 
have more influence and obligation due them.  I suspect those of us who are 
trying to take our money with us have thought these things through and taken 
corrective steps, which we may not want to reveal in public.  Who is to say that
besides trusts we havn't hidden some additional assets also.  Old cryonics 
saying  "don't put all your eggs in one trust basket."  If we have hidden gold 
coins in public parks we are not going to tell anyone.

Lastly, one can get on a public forum like Cryonet and leave a trail when they 
say that they don't want to leave any of their money to any of their relatives.
That's the case in my case anyhow.  Trudy and I want to leave our money to 

One of the main reasons I agreed to be interviewed was that I thought the 
article might influence wealthy people to give more consideration to looking 
into cryonics.  I think the article was well done and very positive for us.


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