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Subject: Thanks to Randy Wicker for promoting WSJ article, perhaps the best PR 
to date

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Subject: Publicity breakthrough in Wall  Street Journal!

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Two or three  years ago, I attempted to interest Antonio Regalado, a science 
reporter for  the Wall Street Journal, into doing an article on cryonics and 
the Immortality  movement.

When he asked if I had any ideas for "an angle", I suggested  Rudi Hoffman's 
efforts to help people create cryonic trusts, gave him some  cryonics 
publications and sent him some postings from  Cryonet.

Rudi Hoffman responding....
My thanks and the thanks of the cryonics community go to Randolfe Wicker,  
for helping Antonio Regalado stay the course on the Cryonics Trust Article in  
the Wall Street Journal.  
By now we have all seen and read this several times.  
In short, while not perfect, it is some of the best PR cryonics has had in  a 
long time, it would seem to me.
Antonio Regalado and I talked on several occasions...and I liked and  trusted 
him.  But there is always more than a bit of healthy paranoia in  dealing 
with the press.  
And this perhaps goes double when the subject  is cryonics.
Mr. Regalado was kind enough to write me an email, apologizing that my name  
and that of James Halperin were not mentioned in the article, due to space  
I wrote him and told him I understood (and I do) and thanked him for having  
the courage and perseverance to stay with this article.  
While the "jury is still out" regarding the effect of this article, I think  
it is a great start to a bright new year for some breakthroughs in cryonics  
marketing, to be hopefully followed soon by breakthroughs in research.
Kind Regards, For Centuries,


Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU

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