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For  Animal Activists' Consideration

From page 114 of Robert C.W. Ettinger's  (founder the Cryonics Movement)  

Further,  he may even exhibit loftier aspirations than the of the typical   
Animal Activist with his thoughts on the future of the cattle and  poultry  
industry; and he at least acknowledges the sensitivities of  some for  other 
forms which might be beneath the typical  Animal  Activist's sympathies 
he does draw the line--for  now--with  greens):

: - )

I think we could turn from animal food for protein to micro-organisms such  
yeasts. Outside stopping killing mammals and birds conciousness, yeasts would  
bring a big benefit : They have a large store of nucleic acids and that would  
boost the mitochondrial repair system. This may be the simplest and fastest 
way  to extend life to a significant value, largely beyond one century.
Who will brew them ? Anybody interested ?
Yvan Bozzonetti.

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