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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:33:43 EST
Subject: Re: Tom Donaldson status?

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Here  seems to be a low tide in cryonet message number, so I start my 3rd  
of uploading related messages. Sad to have lost my main contradictor,  T.  
Donaldson... :-(

Hallo, Dear Cryoneters...
Welcome back to a fiestier cryonet, everyone!  

I have missed  y'all.  I assume that most of you have been as rather swamped 
with duties  and joys of living, reducing cryonet postings.  And this  
continues...already have several inquiries following on from WSJ  article...:)

I heard through the "grape vine" that Thomas Donaldson's  tumor had returned. 
(?).  I don't want to spread rumors, especially if they  are not accurate.  

Thomas, are you out there?  I was wondering  if you would move from Australia 
to Alcor central if your health challenges are  back. Certainly recommended.
While it is not always possible to agree with everything anyone says, I  have 
always admired the activism and intelligence of Thomas Donaldson.  And  I 
truly hope he...or you, if you are reading this, Thomas...are okay.
Warm Regards, Yours for Centuries,

Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU

Board Member Financial Planning Association fpafla.org
Board  Member Salvation Army salvationarmy.org
Member Alcor Life Extension  Foundation alcor.org
Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards  
Member Libertarian Party libertarianparty.org
Member National Rifle  Association nra.org
Member World Transhumanist Association  http://transhumanism.org/
World's Leading Cryonics Insurance Provider  rudihoffman.com

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