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Subject: Re: HALLELUJAH.  Pizer Publicity Breakthrough! And a VITAL REQUEST!
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:50:40 -0800

Hi Rudi

We do mention that cryonics is ususally funded with life insurance. In fact the 
reporters talked with us a long time for both articles and we gave them a ton of
info.  But then they have to edit out about 95% of the original interview and 
use what their editors want.  In the case of these two articles both news 
companys used what they felt was the most interesting stuff - AND WHAT THEY FELT

We don't get to insist what goes into the article like we could if we were 
paying for an ad.  Believe me it is hard enough to get their interest in the 
first place.  With all the excitement going on in the world it is a tribute to 
these reporters that they have the good vision to see how important cryonics is 
going to become soon on the world scene, and not just to those individuals that 
are trying to save their own lives.  

Your points are well taken and we do mention how affordable cryonics can be for 
most people.  I like to use the idea that the insurance premiums are usually 
less then the cost of smoking or drinking habits either or both which should be 
traded for a cryonics policy instead.

The good news is that these articles might lead to longer and more in-depth  
interviews on other shows where the affordability of cryonics will come out.  
I'm working on that.

Best regards


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    I have been told that the ABC Good Morning America interview that appeared 
    this morning can be seen on their website.  I think it is   ----   


  (Rudi writing)

  WOW!  The Good Morning America piece is the BEST PR yet!  Thank you, Dave and 
  Trudy Pizer! 

  My ONLY concern with this outstanding publicity, AND the WSJ article, is that 
  it would seem abundantly clear from both of these otherwise great articles 
  that cryonics is ONLY for very wealthy business people.

  I have personally shown both of these items to several people.  The result was
  an increase in the credibility of cryonics.  But also a reinforcement of the 
  misconception that "Cryonics is for wealthy old geezers!"

  PLEASE, PLEASE, folks, when your "fifteen minutes of cryonics fame" 
  occurs...mention and stress that MOST people fund their suspension with life 
  insurance!  And that cryonics IS affordable through life insurance for most 
  people at the daily cost of a double latte' at Starbucks!

  There is going to be enough resentment and resistance to this idea for various
  reasons we are all familiar with.  What we DON'T need is the additional 
  animosity generated by the culture of envy that much is endemic in much 
  populist media and attitudes.  

  Huge numbers of people already don't like or trust the very rich.  Admit it, 
  even those of us who think we know better may harbor a bit of envy regarding 
  "rich dudes who have it made." 

  Doesn't it seem possible that notion that the ultra rich are the only ones who
  have a shot at cryonics will create yet another barrier to popular acceptance
  of this vital idea?  

  And we can fix this one SO easily, by the simple mention that most folks fund 
  their SUSPENSION and their CRYONICS TRUSTS through the magic leverage of life 

  Other than that, my personal CONGRATULATIONS to the Pizers, Tanya Jones,  and 
  all associated with this enormous publicity "coup".   We are going to see some
  action from this, I believe...!

  Warmly and Professionally Yours,  For Centuries,


  Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP CLU

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  Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards 
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