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Subject: Cryonics publicity
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 10:49:24 -0000

David and Trudy have experienced the same editing effect as many of us here
in UK. We can rarely ensure that all our points will be broadcast. I spent
two hours recording for one UK news programme and the final interview was
2.5 minutes ... further time was given to a so-called professional to
de-bunk the idea. Alan and Sylvia Sinclair were interviewed yesterday for a
National UK company ... a live interview allowed a balanced transmission.
Another previously recorded programme later in day made a total mockery of
the subject with other additions. Alan says that he will do no more!

Though we would like positive comments to be made public, there is little
control when we are in the hands of the media. ALL publicity is definitely
not GOOD publicity. However, one has to keep trying and do one's best to
guide those who write or record the articles. The UK is currently having a
huge flurry of interest in the subject, partly as a spin off from the Wall
Street Journal and also the Martinot case in France.

One can only do one's best.

Chrissie de Rivaz

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