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Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 13:33:24 -0500
From: Robin Helweg-Larsen <>
Subject: Rich Old Geezers
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Actually, I think there is value in Cryonics being associated with Rich 
Old Geezers - it gives enormous credibility to the validity of the 
concept.  If cryonics is only of interest to Impoverished Young Nerds, 
then so what?  But when those who have achieved experience, success and 
maturity are investing in something, it looks a lot more interesting to 
a lot of people.  60 years ago the Bahamas used to be a vacation place 
only for the wealthy elite - the ROGs validated its claim to be a place 
worth visiting, and its tourists went from 100s to 1,000,000s a year.  
(Sure, the US economy grew and the vacation costs became more accessible 
- and the same should happen with cryonics.) 

First people have to *want* something - that means it has to be seen as 
desirable.  ROGs contribute significantly to that perception.  Only 
after they determine it's desirable do people start trying to work out 
how to make it affordable for themselves.

As for myself, I aspire to Rich Old Geezerhood - and, eventually, to 
Rich Young Geezerhood!  Don't we all?!?

Robin HL

>My ONLY concern with this outstanding  publicity, AND the WSJ article, is 

>that it would seem abundantly clear from both  of these otherwise great 
>that cryonics is ONLY for very wealthy  business people.
>I have personally shown both of these items to several people.  The  result 
>was an increase in the credibility of cryonics.  But also a  reinforcement of 
>the misconception that "Cryonics is for wealthy old  geezers!" 

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