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Subject: Why overseas cryonicists need to relocate -- NOW.
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 19:33:40 -0800

Fortunately Thomas Donaldson beat the fuel crunch:


The Times January 27, 2006

Transport experts have seen the future, and it's got pedals
By Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent

THE right to travel when and where we please will be eroded over the next 50 
years as the shortage of cheap oil and environmental concerns force us to 
lead more local lives, according to a government report.

Every journey will have to be justified and face-to-face contact with 
colleagues, friends and relatives will increasingly become a luxury, with 
most meetings taking place via three-dimensional  telepresencing .

Foresight, the Government's science think-tank, consulted 300 transport 
experts when drawing up its vision of how travel will have changed by 2055. 
Its report concludes that the growing demand for greater personal mobility 
is unsustainable and based on false assumptions.

Manage your risk, not your terror.
Mark Plus

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