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Subject: Re: #27539: Why overseas cryonicists need to relocate -- NOW. [Mark 
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 11:11:19 -0000

Mark Plus' continued efforts to concentrate cryonicists to wherever he lives
needs some positive inducements, not continued references to media scare
stories. Most thinking people now disregard media scare stories as
commercial activity designed to sell newspapers, advertising time on tv, or
acquire research grants. No doubt there is some truth in a few of the
stories, but it is so buried in all this career advancement it is elusive.

Although it is a novel, Michael Crighton's "State of Fear" is well
researched and actual references are given to real events (as opposed to the
dramatic events in the novel). Chrissie and I can recommend it as
entertainment, and I suspect it can also be used to gain a perspective on
these media scare stories.

If Mr Plus is serious about his plans to concentrate cryonicists in one
place, he should make wherever he lives sound enticing, and post helpful
articles and/or links about what people need to do to emigrate.

Mind you, many overseas cryonicists like where they live and have family
ties. No one in cryonics has sure and certain knowledge that it will work
for anyone.

There is also an advantage to the concept of cryonics to have centres in
different legislatures. It reduces the risk of no one surviving because of
closure by authoritarians. At the moment there are no facilities other than
in the USA. If Mr Plus does manage to concentrate an appreciable number of
people there, then this will set back the date when facilities appear

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