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Subject: Re: CryoNet #27539 Why overseas cryonicists need to relocate -- NOW.

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The  Times January 27, 2006

Transport experts have seen the future, and it's  got pedals
By Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent

THE right to  travel when and where we please will be eroded over the next 50 
years as  the shortage of cheap oil and environmental concerns force us to 
lead more  local lives, according to a government report.

I find your message interesting, I think you are mostly on the right track,  
Today, most move are used for purpose linked to bad organization, this part  
may and should be reduced. I have known a time where it was not polite to   
write someone with anything else that handwriten using a penholder.
Yes, business travel may be reduced using teleconferencing, you may use  

virtual reality to vist most place on Earth, a screen may give you a window over
Bora-Bora island and so on. I am not sure all of that will cut on leisure  

travels. If kerosene get too costly for aircraft, there are solutions such the
soviet era ecranoplan (an airplane used as a hoovercraft) or the good hold  
Yvan Bozzonetti.

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