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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 11:42:42 -0600
From: Jeff Dee <>
Subject: Re: Re: CryoNet State of fear
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>"Chrissie de Rivaz" <> wrote:
>Isn't it good that we are all different and entitled to different opinions?
>Though not great literature, I thoroughly enjoyed Chrighton's 'State of
>Fear'. I don't believe dinosaurs will be re-created in a Jurassic Park any
>more than I believe everything in this book. It does make a change from the
>rest of the environmental doom and gloom merchants and presents other points
>of view.
>One needs to open minded and receptive to other people's opinions without
>shooting them down ... as cryonicists, we should know that well!

You make a good point about how often critics try to shoot down cryonics 
without bothering to examine the facts.

Whether or not an opinion even *can* be honestly shot down depends on 
how well it conforms with the facts. Cryonics *does*, at least in the 
sense that cryonics proponents limit themselves to what appears 
plausible given those facts. But Creighton's conspiracy propaganda 
*doesn't*. Because it doesn't, and because his "opinion" threatens the 
very future we cryonicists are hoping for, it darn well *should* be shot 

-Jeff Dee

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