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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:52:59 EST
Subject: 72nd CI patient info

Some of you may be interested in the following link, which Ben Best has  
posted on a different cryonics bulletin board.:
      The case report for the cryopreservation of  CI's 72nd patient
is finally on  the CI website:


Everything  about this case has been an ordeal, including completing
the write-up.  

-- Ben Best

Bless you, Ben, for your remarkable  professionalism and candor in this 

report.  You and the folks at CI really  seem to be doing your absolute best to
make cryonics viable.
At the same time, there are some *really annoying challenges with the  
suspension details you list, which are, I hasten to add, probably beyond your  
control given current state and environment in which cryonics operates.   

Reading your detailed explanation of the actual "death" process in the  

nursing home for this patient, I could almost feel the tension and anxiety of  
loving son "Tod" trying to take care of him mother.  

And, given  his extensive and scientific efforts to reduce warm ischemia, he 
must have been  completely baffled and angered as 15 minutes goes by to 

complete the paperwork  before Mom can be moved to the van in the parking lot to
cooled with water  ice.  

Did anyone else get outraged as you read this description of  events?  

Friends, the inability of individuals to choose a  dignified and pain 
reducing "final exit" for themselves is beyond  barbarism.  
Not just for cryonics, but also for terminal patients, it would seem to me  

that there needs to be some systems in place to let people deanimate in a more
reasonable way.  

Does anyone else out there agree that there must be some kind of better  way 
to structure the final months or days of a terminal person's life than what  
we see currently?  

The arrogance of the state, saying "Don't you  dare give this dying person 

too much pain medication...you might HASTEN her  death!" is galling.  Of COURSE
the compassionate thing is to hasten  death!   

And yet cryonics is controversial enough in its own  right already.  And we 
don't need the additional baggage and legal  liability of daring to hasten 
death...so we put up with TERRIBLE delays and  HORRIBLE suspension protocols 
because of this legitimate fear.
Excuse this rant.  But we need to put our heads together to figure out  the 

best way to individually structure our personal arrangements given the  current
state of affairs.
Rudi Hoffman

Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU

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