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Date: Fri,  3 Feb 2006 17:30:32 -0500
Subject: Higher Probability of Reanimation
From: <>

It occured to me the other day a means by which cryonics providers 
could increase the probability of the reanimation of their patients.

The land on planet Earth is a scarce resource. There's only so much 
of it, and even when humanity takes to the stars (which may not 
occur until long after the advent of nanotechnology), the cost of 
replicating the infrastructure we have naturally on Earth (air, 
land, water, food, sunlight, wind, waves, etc.) will necessarily 
cost nearly as much as the cost of living on Earth.

With increasing life spans, and a growing population, I think it's 
fairly safe to predict the value of land on Earth will be rising 
for the foreseeable future. So here is my idea:

A cryonics provider can purchase (using money supplied by the 
patient, obviously) a tract of land for each patient, managed by a 
trust. The land may not be used for any purpose, under any 
conditions, unless such is required in order for the trust to 
retain ownership of the land. However, a contract states ownership 
of the land will be transfered to the person or entity responsible 
for restoring the patient to good health.

In this way, if the value of land does continue to increase, there 
will eventually reach a point where it is worth enough both to 
reanimate the trustee of the land, and to make a tidy profit. 

Richard B. R.

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