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I strongly object to the inclusion of this long off-topic message on the 

cryonet. The writer makes no mention of anything directly to do with cryonics 
seems to assume that we are all dedicated libertarians which is not the case, 
and I resent his assumption.  There is overlap of the tiny community of 

cryonicists with several other groups espousing various philosophies and 

creeds. Some are mainstream and some are crackpot by one definition or another,
but that is not a matter to be argued or sorfted out in this forum. It is not 
the business of this list to air any of these ideas unless they can be shown 
to have clear connection to what cryonics is all about.   There is, for 

example, one frequent contributor who is dedicated to the belief that the earth 
running out of resources, oil and evedreything else.   He could, if he wishes, 
make a direct connection to cryonics by noting, perhaps, that we are all 

wasting our time because our children will be so focussed on their survival that

they will abandon or destroy our cryogenic facilities because they are wasteful.
More relevantly still, accepting that theory, we could discuss how to 

safeguard our current facilities and arrangements to counteract these forces.   
But si
mply to spin out concerns about global warming or oil depletion, or what 

Michael Crichton says in a novel, well or badly, is way off topic and reduces 
value of cryonet, subverting its original purpose.
Ronald G. Havelock, CI member and scientific advisor.

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