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Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 00:23:12 EST
Subject: Help with references

I am thinking of addressing the local Rotary (a businessman's civic club) in  
hopes of raising some research funds.  I know most people want first to  know 
the background from conventional cryobiology.  I have found recent  texts 
with peer reviewed papers showing cryopreservation works with viruses  through 
amoebae, yeasts, fungi, plant seeds, and even nematodes, plus most  mammalian 
cells in small quantities.  Plus sperm, ova (somewhat) and  embryos, skin, 

cartiledge, and blood vessels.  And recently a human  follicle retransplanted 
cancer treatment, and a sheep's ovary, both  working well enough to produce 
But I have questions on the latest progress. 
Of rabbit kidneys Ben Best writes: 
At the July 2005 Society for Cryobiology Conference, it was announced  that a 
rabbit kidney had been completely vitrified to solid state at -135 C by  

_21st Century Medicine_ (http://www.21cm.com/) ,  rewarmed and transplanted to a
rabbit with complete viability. The prospect that  this could be done to a 
mammalian brain is very good. Although a whole mammal  has not yet been 

cryopreserved to cryogenic temperatures and revived, the  progress of science is
in that direction.  
Is this correct?  How long did the kidney live or function?  Is  there a peer 
reviewed publication on this? 
Are there published papers on Yuri Pichugin's work with hipocampal  slices? 
Was it a whole sheep's ovary, or just a part?  Is there an original  paper? I 
have found some references to it on the Net, but maybe not the  best. 
There was a whole cat's brain done in 1965 I think. On rewarming it showed  
brainwaves.  Was there a paper and is this still considered accepted  science? 
Are there other proven advances that should be included? 
When this is done I will document with references it so there is something we 
 can all point to. 
All help appreciated, 
Alan Mole 

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