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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: Re: [CN] CryoNet State of fear
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 15:15:30 -0000

Although I introduced the novel "State of Fear", it was part of the thread
that has been running for years, maybe even decades, maintained by Mark Plus
using fear as a means of getting people to move their lives to be near
wherever he lives and form a concentration of cryonicists at that place. Of
course I welcome the review that was published here, and I love the title
given to the thread, "CryoNet State of Fear" which sums it all up very
nicely. Crighton's novel brings the subject of control of people justified
by global warming issues into debate in the same way Dan Brown's "The da
Vinci Code" brings the subject of control  of people justified by religious
faith. Global warming is more interesting because it relies on measurement
rather than faith, but measurements are open to interpretation.
Unfortunately such interpretations are often biased by desire for money and

I do agree that lots of articles here about global warming would be off
topic. No doubt there are Yahoo groups and other media where these issues
can be discussed, but a lot of time would have to be devoted to do the
subject justice. Society is now beginning to realise that there are
practical solutions that I was aware of in the 1980s that involve less
control not more. [mass production of the means of decentralised power
generation] Someone who can make their voice heard has spoken now and good
luck to them. For more details of the present proposals please see here:

Although that is was not about cryonics, the same issue has an article about
hibernation that may be of interest to more cryonet readers. This isn't
exactly cryonics
either, but there are similarities:

Suspended animation: putting life on hold
There is a strange state between being dead and alive that could one day
save your life, as New Scientist discovers

more on:

Finally, I would like to close by suggesting that cryonicists are very
vulnerable to people seeking control of others by force, physical and/or
financial. Therefore any movement or subject that includes physical force is
a risk factor to the "Drake Equation" of cryonics. Fortunately decentralised
power generation is enabling not restricting. We many not be so lucky next

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