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Subject: Re: resveratrol extends lifespan in fish
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 15:18:18 -0000

This article suggests that to be effective Resveratrol has
to be injected, but the  Life Enhancement Foundation (not Extension)  have
developed a new technology to deliver it sublingually:

more on the Life Enhancement (not Extension) site:


However, clever scientists have developed a method of administration
that employs a kind of "stealth technology" to encapsulate the
resveratrol molecules in manmade "cells" called PEGylated liposomes.
Encapsulating resveratrol in PEGlyated liposomes enables resveratrol
to pass readily into the bloodstream and then protect it from agents
that might alter them, thus allowing excellent bioavailability.
Formulated as a liquid suspension, the liposomes can be easily
absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth by holding the
liquid in your mouth without swallowing it.

The product can be bought from the web site at  about $15 per 60 servings.

Also the product is said to be useful in the battle against those that
spread influenza.

However, recent research suggests that Resveratrol greatly improves
the odds. According to the results of a study by researchers from
the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine of the Italian
Research Council in Rome, resveratrol blocks influenza A virus
replication both in vitro (test tube studies) and in flu-infected

In the absence of effective vaccines and antiviral drugs, there
hasn't been a whole lot we could do to protect ourselves once the
flu season rolls around as most people still mingle with each other
when contaminated with the disease. Also the disease has evolved so
that people contaminate each other before the perpetrator has
developed symptoms. So to be effective isolation would need to be
applied even if you know you have been in contact with someone with
the disease. It would have to be maintained until you are sure that
you haven't been given it, or have got over it if you have.

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