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Subject: Resveratrol info seems good...

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Subject: Re: resveratrol extends lifespan in  fish
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This article suggests that  to be effective Resveratrol has
to be injected, but the  Life  Enhancement Foundation (not Extension)  have
developed a new  technology to deliver it sublingually:

more on the Life Enhancement  (not Extension)  site:


However,  clever scientists have developed a method of administration
that employs a  kind of "stealth technology" to encapsulate the
resveratrol molecules in  manmade "cells" called PEGylated liposomes.
Encapsulating resveratrol in  PEGlyated liposomes enables resveratrol
to pass readily into the  bloodstream and then protect it from agents
that might alter them, thus  allowing excellent bioavailability.
Formulated as a liquid suspension, the  liposomes can be easily
absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth  by holding the
liquid in your mouth without swallowing  it.

The product can be bought from the web site at   about $15 per 60 servings.

Just a note to thank John for above info.  

I followed the  link, read the article, and ordered some bottles of 
resveratrol, in its  "encapsulated" form.

I am familiar with Life Enhancement...they send me monthly magazines  which 
are good but I don't have time to read, and I have ordered nootropics and  
"Durk and Sandy" products from them before.  

But I get nearly all  my supplements from LEF because I trust their 

independent assays.  And  mostly because I appreciate their proactive stance 
with the 
FDA and because Bill  Falloon and Saul Kent fund cryonics and antiaging 
Anyway, John, thanks for the link to highly relevant topic.  If the  next 

pandemic hits, cryonics, and your individual suspension, could be  SIGNIFICANTLY
at risk.
It is in ALL our best interests to engage in multiple front interventions  to 
reduce our susceptibility to infections.
For Centuries,
Delivery mechanism and cost efficacy of this resveratrol seems really  good.  

Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU

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