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>Myth #4: That the human brain can be simulated on X number of  FPGA.
>This is insane. Each neuron is a quantum and molecular  computer, 
No, this is plain false, neron and brain have nothing to do with quantum.  
Look at a physics book so you can define quantitatively what is the quantum  

limit in term of the Planck's constant. Neurons are millions times larger than
the quantum limit.

>consisting of quatrillions of atoms (10^11). It may not be ever  
>possible (practical?) to accurately simulate a single neuron, let  
>alone trillions of them. 
Only 3 to 4 billions in the neocortex, look at a neuro-book.

>You can't treat neurons as black boxes and expect to get the same  
>result. I personally doubt that any 'model' of a neuron can be used  
>in constructing a virtual brain with human-level intelligence;  
>rather, I expect the greatest strides in the development of AI to  
>come from completely different (non-biological)  approaches.
Unobtainium is the solution of religious persons, that is not a religious  

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