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Subject: Re: Cryonics Institute hits front page in Sweden
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 04:08:49 -0800

I found the Swedish page, http://expressen.se/index.jsp?a=529795 .
(Please post URLs, even if you don't think anyone will follow them.)

I found another translation page,
http://www.systranbox.com/systran/box .
Here's the translation I got from there; better in some ways but not
others. A custom dictionary would help a lot, as would combining
translations and massaging them by hand.

New york. Daniel Johansson, 32, from Hultsfred is an of the youngest  
in the world that intends to be cold in himself.
Due to a life assurance has he its done dream true.
- I know that the opportunity that  teruppv ckas is minimal. But the  
is better than funeral or kremering.
Daniel Johansson comes originally from  rnsk ldsvik, but building  
today in Sm land. He is researchers in computer culture and doctoral  
student in industrial.
He is an of four Swedish that have contracts with the freezer clinic  
Cryonics Institute in Detroit. That day he dies will he be  
transported there in order to be been cold in.
- the first time I began to intend the thought to be cold down myself  
where at the start of 90-talet.
Special insurance
The economic has he loose with a life assurance via L nsf rs kringar.
- I were the first in Sweden as such a signed type of insurance.
- I pay a premium each year and if I die before 70 years' age to be  
paid out the a million sek to the freezer clinic. The is my beneficiary.
Willed Daniel last happily lottad and to live longer may you stand  
for the clinic's cost on 250 000 sek.
- I put away money each year in order to have that sum about the  
willed become current.
Rather than becoming eaten up
Daniel Johansson is long from certain about that he a day comes to  
can  teruppv ckas.
- but I lie rather on the freezer clinic than that the worms eat up  
Daniel believes the dwells several hundred years before the becomes  
possible that  teruppv cka been cold people.
- functions the so has I drawn the world's bigest profit lot. Unless  
so remains I only dead.


Live long and prosper,

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> Subject: Re: [Cryonics_Institute] Cryonics Institute hits front  
> page in Sweden
> Here is a free online translation.
> Ska freeze down for that let autumn die New York. Daniel  
> Johansson , 32, from Hultsfred is a of they yngsta in the world as  
> am thinking freeze in themselves. Cheers article a assurance has he  
> done its dream substantial. Self vet that chance that resuscitate  
> is minute. But the is better than funeral ors kremering. Daniel  
> Johansson. Daniel Johansson am arriving original from  rnsk  
> ldsvik , but ought today in Smallness. He is scientist in  
> datavetenskap and doctor in industry. He is a of four Swede as had  
> contract with fryskliniken Cryonics Institute in Detroit. The day  
> he dies ska he transport there for that freeze in. First gangway  
> self was bending the think tank that freeze down me each initially  
> of 90- digits. Special assurance The economic has he absolved with  
> a assurance via L nsf rs kringar. I was the first in Sweden as was  
> designing a such creature of assurance. Self am paying a bounties  
> every year and if self dies ahead  rs ages pay the one million  
> chronology to fryskliniken. They is remember f rm nstagare. Should  
> Daniel product happily lot and breathe inferior sheep himself  
> provide clinic cost on 250 000 chronology. Self am laying away  
> money every year for that have the sum if the should become  
> current. Rather than that become upp ten Daniel Johansson is far  
> away convince if that he one day am arriving kunna resuscitate. But  
> self am laying rather on fryskliniken than that mesh am eating up  
> me. Daniel am believing the wait several hundred year entrance the  
> am becoming possible that resuscitate freeze folk. Am acting the so  
> have I pull the world main vinstlott. Unless so stay self only  
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