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Hi all --

Here's my press release that will go up on the prweb.com
press release service on Saturday 3/4/06 .

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-- press release follows --

Cryonicists at Frozen Dead Guy Festival Claim:  "Not All
Frozen Guys Are Dead!"

The Cryonics Advocacy Group's official launch at this
year's Frozen Dead Guy Days constitutes a bold experiment
in stepping into a pool of farce with a serious message.
The goal is to keep with the lighthearted tone of the
weekend while informing the public about the lifesaving
potential and scientific viability of cryonics as it is
performed today.

PALO ALTO, California, March 4, 2006 -- March 10-12, the
Cryonics Advocacy Group will deliver life-saving messages
to the farcical Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO.

The mission of the Cryonics Advocacy Group includes
informing the public about the life preserving potential of
cryonics. Cryonics rapidly cools those who can no longer be
sustained by today's medicine to temperatures cold enough
to virtually stop physical decay, with the goal of
eventually restoring them to health.  The Frozen Dead Guy
Days, on the other hand, is a lighthearted festival that
grew up around Nederland's resident "frozen dead guy",
Bredo Morstoel, whose grandson Trygve Bauge had him packed
in dry ice and brought here from Norway upon his death in

The major cryonics organizations, Alcor and the Cryonics
Institute, are remaining at arm's length for fear that
being associated with such an off-the-wall event would hurt
their credibility in the scientific and business
communities.  Cryonicist Kennita Watson, founder and CEO of
the Cryonics Advocacy Group, has no such concerns.

"The Frozen Dead Guy is a local joke, even an international
one.  I formed the Cryonics Advocacy Group to get the word
out to as many people as possible that cryonics is a
serious scientific endeavor that has the potential to save
many lives, offers a viable alternative to burial or
cremation, and is accessible to anyone who can afford a
life insurance policy."

"I find people are smart enough to understand the
difference between Grandpopsicle on dry ice in a Tuff Shed,
and the laboratory conditions, extreme low temperatures,
cryoprotection, and monitoring involved in mainstream
cryonics", Watson asserts.  "We're all about saving lives.
Cryonics patients are not "frozen dead guys", they are
people beyond the reach of today's medicine, carefully
preserved to give medicine time to catch up."

She adds, "I want to show people how science and fun can go
together.  I'm very serious about saving lives, but I also
want to see how fast I can get into a frozen T-shirt."

The cryonics booth will appear in the Frozen Dead Guy Days
Expo Center from 4 PM to 10 PM Friday, 10 AM to 10 PM
Saturday, and 10 AM to 5 PM Sunday.

For more information on the Cryonics Advocacy Group, see:
http://cryonicsadvocacy.org .
For more information on the Frozen Dead Guy Days, see:
http://frozendeadguydays.com .

About the Cryonics Advocacy Group:
The Cryonics Advocacy Group (CAG) is a grass-roots
organization, whose mission is to spread information about
cryonics and related life-extension technologies.

About Kennita Watson:
Kennita Watson, CEO and founder of CAG, has been involved
with the cryonics and life extension community for over ten
years, and in political campaigning and outreach for nearly

Contact:  Kennita Watson, Founder
Cryonics Advocacy Group
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