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Subject: Cryonics/Life Extension Survey "Beta test"
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 04:13:55 US/Eastern

In large part to sharpen my skills with PHP and
MySQL  I have created an on-line Life Extension/Cryonics
Survey intended for "Values Clarification". When
I am finished with testing I will release the survey
to the general public.

    Many of my questions are designed to raise the consciousness
of the respondents concerning their values and beliefs about
life extension and cryonics.  So there should be more to the
survey than simply information-gathering.

   The survey as it stands is still in "beta test" mode,
although I have already been "beta testing" it on the Cryonics
Society of Canada Yahoo Group, which has 91 Members and then
on the Cryonics Institute Yahoo Group, which has 210 members. 
I think I have gotten most of the bugs out -- both conceptual
"bugs" as well as software bugs. Now I am posting it on CryoNet.

    My "beta testing" is providing some interesting
information about the attitudes of cryonicists.

Please take the Survey at:


You can see the results at:


-- Ben

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