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From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Followup on press release
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 19:36:56 -0800

Release Date:  3/4/06

Date/Time         3/5/06   3/6/06
Time (PST)          1545     1920
Reads             37,265   50,641
Estimated Pickup     356      465
Prints 	              20       56
(definitions reiterated below)

For comparison, the cumulative count for last
year's press release was:
Reads             14,642
Estimated Pickup     460
Prints 	               6

These numbers could mean a number of different
things, but I'm liking them anyhow.  Visions of
100,000 reads, 1000 pickups, and 100 prints
dance in my head, and in my fever dreams, some
journalists call Alcor and CI and say "You
putzes, why aren't you supporting outreach?".
But for all I know people printed the PR to
take home to their families for a laugh....

Back to packing.

Live long and prosper,

> ...
> Reads:  This number tells you how many times your press
> release was accessed from our site and other distribution points
> where we have the ability to measure a click through. This number
> does not include the number of journalists who have received your
> release through email. In addition there are online distribution
> points that we currently have no ability to track.
> Estimated Pickup:  This number estimates the number of times your
> press release was picked up by a media outlet. This does not tell you
> how many times your story appears in the media. It simply attempts to
> estimate media interest of your release.
> Prints:  This is the number of times that someone has printed your
> press release. We measure this by the number of times that the
> "printer friendly version" link is pressed. In reality, only a small
> percentage of users actually click this link before printing a  
> release.

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