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From: "Peter Voss" <>
Subject: 4 positions open at a2i2
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 20:00:36 -0800

A quick update from a2i2 - 


* We have another two key investors in our company, and now don't expect
funding to be a bottleneck for the remainder of our development project.


* Work on our prototype is progressing well - we are on schedule to achieve
robust human-level learning and cognition within 2 years.


* We have four Los Angeles based full-time positions open. All are offering
competitive cash compensation.


-          Entry-level AI Psychologist/ programmer

-          Experienced, and highly competent programmer

-          Software engineering team-leader / CTO candidate

-          Senior AI psychologist to head up our AGI training/ testing/
knowledge acquisition effort


These are opportunities to become a member of our core team, and to
significantly contribute to the creation of real AGI.


Please see: http://adaptiveai.com/company/opportunities.htm and apply to



Peter Voss


Adaptive A.I. Inc



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