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From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: SR for Longevity?
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 23:19:47 +1100

Doug Skrecky writes,

> [Alpha-lipoic acid was a dud as well. Even caloric restriction  
> provided
> only a marginal 13% benefit on maximum lifespan. Suggestions are  
> welcome
> for more effective interventions...]

I naturally hesitate to mention this. Last time I talked about it was  
on sci.l-e maybe 15 years ago. But since Doug asks in all sincerity ...

There are any number of hokey tao-chiao sites on the web making  
miraculous claims about "semen retention". There's also Keith Lynch's  
famous April Fool's Day post on his more invasive western equivalent.

But despite the magic claims - cerebro-spinal fluid in ejaculates,  
mystic correspondence with eastern astrology, and so on and so forth  
- SR is by all reports an enjoyable way to maintain male sexual  
performance into advanced age.

If there is a correspondence between caloric intake and aging,  
however, I wonder if there's one for sexual emission too? If the  
evolutionary justification for CR is that it helps recover population  
more rapidly after a famine, might not the same justification promote  
longevity in men who, through geographic  or social isolation,  
experience fewer opportunities to father children? Do monks live  
longer? Hermits? Ugly men? Did anyone quiz those long lived Okinawans  
about their sex lives? Or, hearing claims of old age sexual function,  
did they perhaps confuse effect with cause?

If taoist sexual practice results in balancing hormone levels and  
maintaining testosterone levels into old age, what are the long term  

Having asked, I might as well report anecdotally. I learned to do SR  
strictly for recreational purposes in my late twenties. Poorly  
performed, it's a retrograde ejaculation; that is, you reverse the  
muscle contractions and come into your own bladder. With more  
discipline you learn to reroute orgasms to loop up your spine and  
down below your navel, without muscle contractions or apparent semen  

I was surprised to discover an immediate boost to overall energy  
level when I learned this. Now almost 44 I'm often picked for a man  
10 years younger. I have all my hair and teeth, my skin is smooth, my  
eyesight remains excellent including at close distances, and I don't  
suffer various ailments and fatigues my peers complain of.

I could put my condition down to diet - no red meat, lots of  
chocolate, and for the last 3 years I've drunk mostly rainwater and  
local a2 milk, plus eaten eggs from my own chooks. Or I could point  
to a 2 year stint of EOD CR in my thirties.

But I don't watch my weight now nor exercise beyond a daily strenuous  
walk. I wonder whether my apparent sprightliness might rather have to  
do with a regimen of no less than 2 orgasms a day every day for 2  

I have no idea how to test this in rats or flies ... but we immortals  
gotta have a hobby :-)

Peter Merel.

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