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From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Fwd: Alcor News, March 2006
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:54:40 -0700

This from the Alcor News:

> The 54-year-old gentleman with no known medical conditions died in  
> the early morning hours of the 28th. His wife contacted Alcor after  
> calling 911. With the cause of death uncertain, the police  
> detectives contacted the Coroner's Office. We discussed the  
> possibility of a minimally invasive autopsy to establish the cause  
> of death (information which is also of use to us). Unfortunately,  
> county policy dictated that if an autopsy were to be performed, it  
> would be comprehensive, compromising the cryopreservation.  
> Furthermore, the autopsy would not even be scheduled until the next  
> morning.
> Because of the member's long-time and strong desire for  
> cryopreservation, his wife waived the autopsy in order to respect  
> his wishes.

What's this about "waiving autopsy"?  Is this allowed
all around the country?  Is it always possible to
waive when the cause of death is unknown?  When are
autopsies mandatory and when are they optional (that
is, standard but waivable)?


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