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Subject: autopsies
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 12:41:53 -0000

To recap on autopsies.

Autopsies cost the government money, a lot of it. The pathologist who
performs it does so for a fee which the government pays. In common with
other professionals, these people have wound up the fee over the years to a
high value, even though the basic dissection procedure has remained the same
for hundreds of years. Of course the techniques for tests on samples have
improved a lot, but samples can usually be obtained by needle biopsies.

It is often possible to determine the cause of death without dissection, and
many pathologists are sensible people and will do this if that is what the
relatives want or the deceased has requested prior to death.

Although many cryonicists consider religion to be irrational, its widespread
popularity can often be used to advantage. Public disgust at dissections of
dead people is also irrational if the subject is not going to be
cryopreserved, but it may also be of use.

Many people with religious convictions against post mortem dissection can
use religious pressure and laws against discrimination. I once heard from a
funeral director of a case in England where a public demonstration outside
the coroner's offices was sufficient to prevent it. The police did not break
up the demonstration because of the risk of race relations problems which
could have lead to widespread public disorder.

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