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News Update from Suspended Animation

For the past three months we have been pursuing the
possibility of finding an additional employee who might
possess a seemingly impossible mix of skills and experience.
Ideally we were hoping for a well-credentialled scientist who
would be equally at home with medicine, chemistry, and
engineering, would also have managerial and entrepreneurial
experience in small businesses, and would be genuinely
interested in cryonics.

We are pleased to announce that our search has succeeded
beyond our expectations. On March 5th, 2006 Suspended
Animation hired Bary Wilson Ph.D. as our new General Manager.
Dr. Wilson has a long record of ground-breaking research,
including the first ever absolute identification of the
hormone melatonin in human beings. He is experienced as a
research group leader and senior manager, domestically and in
several other countries. He has been a founder or co-founder
of technology companies such as Columbia Magnetics in the
United States and National Science and Technology in the
Middle East, and has authored or co-authored more than 100
scientific papers as well as several books and eight issued

Dr. Wilson has served on the Board of Directors of the
Bioelectromagnetics Society as well as the boards of several
companies. After receiving his B.Sc. in Physics from the
University of Washington, he earned a Ph.D. at St.
Bartholomew's Medical School at the University of London and
served as a Post Doctoral Associate in Chemistry at MIT. He
joined Battelle Memorial Institute as a scientist and project
manager at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 1978
and held a number of positions in that organization until
2002, when he joined Ener1 Group as a CEO and Chief

We began discussions with Dr. Wilson about one month ago,
when he viewed cryonics with open-minded curiosity tempered
with some caution. He visited our facility, spent time
talking to our employees, and learned more about the history
of our field, at which point he decided that it would
represent a unique opportunity for him. We arranged for a
visit to 21st Century Medicine and Critical Care Research in
California, where he saw for himself the progress that has
been made in cryobiology and resuscitation medicine. He
comments: "I am excited by the possibilities in cryonics and
cryobiology. My main objective at Suspended Animation is to
help bring credible science to the grand challenge of

Charles Platt led the recruitment effort that resulted in
finding Bary Wilson. Platt will continue his association with
Suspended Animation, focusing much of his attention on
equipment design. He also remains a director of the company.

Suspended Animation has reached the point where its response
capability is well supported by newly developed equipment and
highly qualified paramedics and nurses who are available on a
consulting basis. The company is now ready to pursue
substantial projects involving enhanced rescue ability,
liquid ventilation, and vitrification.

Our news updates have been very intermittent during the past
six months, but now that Bary Wilson has joined us, we expect
to have more time for compiling and circulating information
about equipment, procedures, and personnel.

We welcome Dr. Bary Wilson to our company, and to the field
of cryonics, which we believe will benefit significantly from
his presence.

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