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From: "marta sandberg" <>
Subject: Free thought association triggered by SR
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 16:01:30 +0800

I enjoyed reading the whole posting.  I learnt a few things and I always 
appreciate a quiet laugh.

On a more serious note.  When/if we wake up a century or so into the future 
it is unlikely that our mores will be applicable.  As a cryonicsist you have 
to be prepared that the future will force you to adjust to their moral and 
social standards.

We have been doing this all our lives.  Anyone who is more than a quarter of 
a century old will have had at least one firmly held childhood truth turned 
on its head.  By the time you approach a century almost everything you 
thought you knew will have changed.

We can cope with it as long as it happens one day at the time, but it will 
be harder when we have to swallow a generations worth of drift in one go on 

On an even more serious note, I have found that it is the though of having 
to cope with all this change that is stopping a lot of people from wanting 
the cryonics option.


>Subject: SR for Longevity?
>I naturally hesitate to mention this. Last time I talked about it was
>on sci.l-e maybe 15 years ago. But since Doug asks in all sincerity

. . . .

>But I don't watch my weight now nor exercise beyond a daily strenuous
>walk. I wonder whether my apparent sprightliness might rather have to
>do with a regimen of no less than 2 orgasms a day every day for 2
>I have no idea how to test this in rats or flies ... but we immortals
>gotta have a hobby :-)

New year, new job   there's more than 100,00 jobs at SEEK 


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