X-Message-Number: 27708
Subject: Additional Survey Questions for Cryonicists
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 01:48:31 US/Eastern

  The Survey I created in early March and submitted
to the Cryonics Society of Canada Yahoo Group, the
Cryonics Institute Yahoo Group and CryoNet was 
designed for elevating the consciousness of people
who have some degree of health or life extension
consciousness about cryonics and life extension. 
In "beta-testing" that survey on cryonicists, I became
increasingly conscious of the distinct outlook of
cryonicists and more curious about how cryonicists
would answer certain questions. 

  (I am not referring to the rough initial survey
I first created on the CSC list.) 

  I have now created a cryonicist-specific survey 
and I hope that everyone who took the survey I gave
in the last two weeks will take this new survey. 
I would prefer that those, and only those who had
taken the previous survey will take this survey. 

  In addition to continuing to hammer at the
"immortality" question, and posing a more specific 
question about freezing damage, I have created 
additional questions which are very focused on
the attitudes of cryonicists on issues of great
relevance to the practice of cryonics. 

  Please take this new survey:


  Only after having taken the survey, examine
the results:


   -- Ben Best 

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